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  • Possession

  • Theft and burglary

  • Domestic violence

  • Assault and battery

  • Juvenile offenses

  • Drug offenses

Present the Best Defense for Your Criminal Case

Facing criminal charges is a scary thing. To achieve the best possible outcome, you need a lawyer who will be compassionate but tough when it counts. You can trust in Hawkins Law Office, P.C.’s 15 years of experience to provide an aggressive defense on your behalf, no matter what the charges.

Whether you have been charged with DUI or another traffic offense, Hawkins Law Office, P.C. will fight to protect your rights and freedom. Expect honest advice from our dedicated attorneys about your situation and the options available to you. Rest assured that your case will receive our full attention.

Don't let a traffic violation slow you down

  • DUI

  • Driver’s license reinstatement

  • Traffic violations and tickets

  • Unlawful stops

  • Auto accidents

  • Hit and run

Representation for Criminal and Traffic Cases

30-minute initial consultation available.




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